Kirstyn, Executive Director and founder of Holistic Births and Beginnings, is a  Labor Doula and  brings forth extensive training and the passion and love for birth and pregnancy. Kirstyn welcomed her first child in july, 2013, and has dedicated her life(other than being a full time loving mommy) to supporting other new moms and soon to be moms by providing information and emotional support. Kirstyn learned first hand that even with all the birth planning and classes that the birth environment can be a very intimidating scene. Even though it was not her ideal birth she has accepted it and owned her birth experience as a way to empower other women to trust their bodies above all else. Kirstyn has been practicing Hatha yoga for several years and one day decided she wanted to share the art with others by teaching the beautiful practice. She attained her Registered Yoga Teacher certification at Kula Yoga Shala, in her sunny home town of Jupiter, Florida. She is a  certified  Matrika Prenatal Yoga Teacher . Matrika prenatal Yoga is a gentle, loving practice to feel one with yourself and your baby.  In addition to her passion for babies, birth and yoga, Kirstyn is a Junior in the Alternative Medicine Program at Everglades University in Boca Raton, Florida. She has passion for life, love of laughter and  compassion for all beings

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