Phone/Skype support

Preliminary to house calls or when there is a small question or issue that can be easily resolved. This service is free for doula clients up to 2 weeks postpartum. 

House Calls 7am-9pm

Latch questions, breastfeeding observations, breastfeeding positions, or any other concerns you are having at that time. 

Emergency House Calls     9pm-6am

Unfortunately sometimes the late night feedings can leave us feeling the most stressed because its nearly impossible to reach  lactation support in the wee hours(trust me i know), so the emergency house calls are for those times where you need support and it can't wait until normal business hours. 

Holistic Births and Beginnings, LLC

Your breast milk is the best gift you can give to your new baby. Building a strong support network when beginning your breast feeding relationship increases your success rate significantly. As a breast feeding mom, I can relate to several of the common challenges that new mothers face and offer emotional support and encouragement though the difficult times. 

Lactation Education&Breast feeding Support