My Services

Labor Doula 

Early labor, active labor,last minute, "emergency," and virtual doula packages available. All Doula packages include1-2 in person or phone/skype Prenatal appointmentsEmail and telephone support from point of purchaseContinuous support during active labor and delivery including comfort measures, positioning techniques, massage, acupressure, and much more!Within 2 hours of the time of birth, you'll receive assistance with your initial breastfeeding attempt1 postpartum visit within 2 weeks which includes breastfeeding assistance, newborn care, emotional/adjustment  support

Breastfeeding Support

Initial Breastfeeding support included in doula packages. Additional support options are virtual phone/skype support, regular hours house calls, and "emergency" support house calls for the wee hours when you need it. 

Prenatal Yoga 

 Prenatal programs are designed specifically for pregnancy and use yoga to prepare for birth and for being a mother. Labor, birth and mothering a newborn are not easy tasks. The focus, strength and awareness that you learn in prenatal yoga classes will give you the skills you need to meet these tasks with confidence.

Yoga/Guided meditation

Postnatal Yoga or anytime any place feel good Yoga. All yoga classes and guided meditations are custom to you and where you are today. Small Classes and private sessions available at the location of your choice.

Placenta Encapsulation

Women who consumed their placenta have been known to have less postpartum depression and baby blues, increase in breast milk supply, less postpartum bleeding, heal faster after birth. Please see Placenta Encapsulation page under services for more information. 

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